Kaepernick Back in the League

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Getting you back in the league
Oct 17, 2018, 6:17 PM (2 days ago)

Dear Colin:

I am one of your biggest fans and supporters. However, I would like to offer you a few suggestions and a word of caution I am a 55 year old African-American man who happens to be a historian. I hope you can hear me out, I would not spend my time writing you, signing and giving my hard earned money to the petitions calling for your reinstatement into the NFL. I congratulate you on your sacrifices for people, especially African-Americans. I am in full support of your giving, and I also think you might want allow your receive to receive (returning the NFL).

I opened my mind concerning your situation after President Trump’s visit with Jim Brown and Kanye West. Whatever, you think of Kanye he was calling for many of the reforms that you have been bringing to our attention. Also, like you, Jim Brown was very militant in the 1960’s. In 1966, he and a number of black professional athletes supported Muhammad Ali’s refusal to enlist in the Army. I’m sure you know that Jim Brown has worked tirelessly to help alleviate gang violence in his adopted city of Los Angeles. Jim Brown and Kanye, like yourself are capitalists. That was brilliant of you trademarking your merchandise. That’s what Ali’s last wife, Lonnie did in order for him not to be broke (like so many of our black athletes).

However righteous and correct the cause, I do not believe you will play in the NFL without the blessing of President Trump. No matter, what you and I think of him, you will continue to lose your physical gifts (like Ali in his prime) if you cannot play on an NFL team. The Greatest, Muhammad Ali, would have never fought again if it wasn’t for Nixon and Kissinger (to get more black voters) allowed Ali to come out exile and box again. After he returned to the ring, Ali was relatively apolitical. He actually voted for Reagan in 1980.

I also think you might want to understand that sooner or later, if you cannot get back in the NFL your message will be lost in the passage of time. Look at Curt Flood. The man who was responsible for the ending of the reserve clause in baseball. Despite his case being backed up by the Supreme Court, Kurt Flood never played baseball again. I imagine the players who are enjoying the spoils of Kurt Flood’s labor, probably have no idea of the man responsible for their untold millions. Another figure is Mahmoud Abdul Rauf. Like you, he did not stand for the National Anthem. His reason because it interfered with his Muslim belief. Very shortly, Abdul Rauf (formerly Chris Jackson) never played another minute in the NBA. Despite their brave clenched fists in the 1968, Mexico City Olympics, John Carlos and Tommie Smith were never able to capitalize on their heroic stand. I think John Carlos was actually homeless for a while.

What I am trying to say, Colin is that I think you might want to be open to a closed-door meeting with either Kanye West or Jim Brown. You may have to make some concessions like standing for the National Anthem or whatever Kanye and Jim Brown think you should do. I think Trump would follow Kanye’s and Jim’s lead and I think you would be able to ply your trade as an NFL quarterback. We all know you are not playing because of political pressure from the White House. I think you might want to listen to (especially Jim Brown). He grew up a time where police brutality was the norm. This does make it right, but that’s the way it was. When Jim Brown was your age, there was still Jim Crow segregation and African-Americans were still being beaten to death ( by white mobs, the police did nothing to stop it) and hung on trees. This is where the term “strange fruit” began. What I am trying to say Colin that despite your enormous sacrifices I am afraid that sooner or later (like these other black heroes) your message will lose its relevancy and you will be relegated to the level of obscurity. Jim Brown asked you: “Do you want to be an activist or football player.” Only you can make that decision. Time is running out. Sometimes in order to get where we want to, we “must eat crow.” If you are unwilling to “suck it up like Ali,” then you are not playing football out of your own choosing. You really cannot blame anybody else. I know you’ve probably heard those words from other people. Despite their unwavering support the “people cannot get you signed to an NFL contract. Only the man in the White House with Jim Brown and Kanye West with Kanye and Jim Brown as conduits. will put you back on an NFL field.


Morgan W.

I watched you play at Nevada-Reno. I watched you guys beat Boise State. I’m sure your remember Chris Ault’s final game when Arizona came back form 10 points down and beat them in the last minute. I can see why he retired after that loss.


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