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  1. My name is mother Cynthia Curry. God Comes before a flag. without God it would be no flag. President Bill Clinton is one of the greatest bravest Presidents that ever lived. He brought to Justice some heathen cowards that killed and Afro-American man by dragging a man by a rope to death in 1999. it never happened again. he showed justice shall prevail. we do not need no more Nat Turners, probably first afro-American-civil right leader. in the 1800’s nor a white Civil right leader like John Brown. in the 1800’s. to rise up again. we need the president to stop criminal cops from killing innocent men and young people with out guns. Just do his Job in a God fearing manner. Bill Clinton Did. The word Great is not enough This country can be greater. if every body stop being hypocrites on their. jobs. when the Holy Prayer was in schools teachers did not get killed nor students. nor did I here about to much suicide. The Holy Prayer is taught correctly in the KJV-the other bibles may read on earth. On is an outward expression. the young colored man killed by the white police officer was shot down by a coward heathen sick in the head police officer with a gun. and the correction department seem to try to justify her killing a innocent man. when she was at his place. a person that is a threat to anyone is a threat to every one. that police officer is a threat to the police department herself. she should never be allowed to use a gun because it seem she intentionally took an innocent and should never be allowed to be a police officer anywhere. the chief of police can stop this madness. The holy Prayer should be prayed this way our father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done in earth (not on earth-we need God in school ever where On is an outward expression) as it is in heaven, give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil ( sinful language, acts, thinking, conversation) for thine is the kingdom and the power and the Glory for ever. In Jesus name amen. the holy prayer protects us from evil as we obey his holy commandments. on says thou shalt not kill. KJV- Matthew 6:9-13 is where the holy prayer is located in the most accurate (most truthful bible) Have a blessed day. and again we do not need another white Civil right leader militant to rise up again against heathen cowards that hurt even their own color. sick in the head people need to be put away. Love every body Mother Cynthia Yvette Curry. of Dallas, Texas. lets make AMERICAN Greater. we love our good officers that are not cowards hiding behind a uniform.

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